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Our Covid Support Grants Explained

About Our Staycation Programme

This programme was designed to give families a little break from the monotony of shielding and lockdown whilst we are unable to offer a holiday or short break. It was first offered to all our families who had Family Revitalise holidays cancelled due to the Pandemic. It was so popular we have continued the programme and applications are currently open.

Our Staycation provides families with a little stress-free family time together from the safety of your own home.

The staycation includes:

  • A home decoration kit from Lola’s Cupcakes.
  • A voucher for an online film
  • A voucher for a family takeaway

All items arrive the day before the staycation. Your children can spend the afternoon decorating the cake, which comes with all the necessary tools as well as apron and chef’s hat! Then everyone can sit down together, order a takeaway of your choice and enjoy a family film with your own decorated cake for pudding.


Any family:

  • With a child(ren) with CF aged 18 or under
  • Who has had a tough time with the pandemic and could do with a little lift

How to Apply:

  1. Send an email to info@cfholidayfund.org.uk with the subject line ‘Application for a Staycation’.
  2. We will send you an email with a few questions to complete and send back to us, this will include details of your CF team.
  3. Once we have verified your application with your team you will be put forward for consideration.
  4. If you are approved, we will offer you a selection of possible dates for your Staycation; Saturdays are often popular.
  5. We will order your vouchers for a film and takeaway which will be emailed to you the day before your staycation.
  6. We will order your cake which will be delivered the day before your staycation.
  7. Enjoy your day!


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Cookies and Cream

Huge thanks for our family staycation yesterday. E, left, and her sister made a fantastic job of decorating the cake - it tasted gorgeous too! We had a curry takeaway whilst watching 'Dolittle'. It was such a lovely evening. Thank you once again.

Thank you to CF Holiday fund for an amazing cake decorating kit! We had so much fun decorating the cake! it was really a nice day not to have to worry about cooking at dinner time and was lovely to spend some time watching a film with our family which is rare!

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Unicorn Cake

H loved the staycation and she really enjoyed making the cake that was sent, she also is really happy with the laptop that we received during the lockdown to help keep her up-to-date with her school work which came in really handy, Thank you.

A chocolate nose!

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Hat off to you

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Thank all for organising our Staycation! We had lovely evening and really enjoyed staying home, doing our favourite things - eating and watching film. It was perfect with cake, food and film and such lovely messages for [Cwcf] all the way 🙂 it's great idea, thank you!!!

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Unicorn perfection

Shielding and isolation are hard, at first you think this is fine, but very quickly when both parents have to work full time, home school Mia, fit in extra physical activity because there are no clubs or sports etc, the novelty very quickly wears off. This staycation gave us time together as a family, doing some really fun activities and enjoy being together sharing family time. We had a lovely time as a family decorating our cake, eating a lovely meal and watching a great movie. It was really nice to focus on being together as a team